Global Network of Muon Detectors

Lead Scientist: Dr Kazuoki Munakata
Organization: Shinsu University, Japan
Objective: To identify the precursory decrease of cosmic ray intensity that takes place more than one day prior to the Earth-arrival of shock driven by an interplanetary coronal mass ejection

Global Network of Muon Detectors (GNMD) is a network of multidirectional muon telescopes distributed in three different continents, covering global rage of asymptotic telescope views. The muon telescopes that compose the GNMD are installed in Nagoya (Japan), Hobart (Australia), Martinho da Serra (Brazil), and Kuwait (Kuwait).

Using GNMD data it was possible to a observe a cosmic ray precursor for the magnetic storm occurred at December 2006 (Dst -150 nT).This occurred approximately 8 hours before the storm sudden commencement (SSC).