African GPS Receivers for Equatorial Electrodynamics Studies

Lead Scientists: Dr Mark Moldwin and Dr. Endawoke Yizengaw

Organization: University of California Los Angelis (UCLA), US

Objectives of AGREES

  • To understand the unique structures of equatorial ionosphere, which has been reported from satellite observations data in the African sector. However, these have not been confirmed, validated or studied in detail by observations from the ground due to lack of suitable ground-based instrumentation in the region.
  • To monitor and understand the processes governing electrodynamics and plasma production and loss in the low/mid-latitude as function of LT, season, and magnetic activity.
  • To estimate the contribution of ionosphericand plasmasphericirregularities and their effect on our navigation and communications systems in the African region, where significant signal degradation (scintillation) become challenging problem in this region.

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