The timeline for the ISWI is as follows:

  •  2009: Plan approved by UN, Formation of National committees and Steering Committee.

  •  2010: Synthesis from regional to international plans, merging of science working groups and campaigns, „backfilling“ missing initiatives; Continue operation of existing instrument arrays, and encourage new instrument deployments.
  •  2010: Launch of ISWI, First UN/ISWI meeting in Egypt.
  •  2010: First SW School in Ethiopia.
  •  2011: Second ISWI meeting (in Nigeria for Africa), 2nd SW School.
  •  2012: Third ISWI meeting (in Ecuador for Latin America and the Caribbean), 3rd SW School.
  •  2013: Review of the ISWI program.

A three-year agenda item on ISWI would provide the opportunity for scientists around the world to participate in this exciting quest to understand the effect of space disturbances on our Earth’s environment.