Instrument PIs

Lead Scientist: A. Chillingarian
Instrument: SEVAN
Organization: Aragats Space Environmental Center, Alikhanian Physics Institute

Lead Scientist: J.-P. Raulin
Instrument: SAVNET
Organization: Presbyterian Mackenzie University – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Lead Scientist: C. Amory-Mazaudier
Instrument: African Dual Frequency GPS Network
Organization: CETP&CNRS

Lead Scientist: K. Shibata, S.Ueno
Instrument: CHAIN
Organization: Kyoto University
Lead Scientist: K. Munakata
Instrument: GMDN
Organization: Shinsu University
Lead Scientist: K. Yumoto
Instrument: MAGDAS
Organization: Space Environment Research Center (SERC), Kyushu University
Lead Scientist: K. Shiokawa
Instrument: OMTIs
Organization: Nagoya University
Lead Scientist:
Instrument: SEALION
Organization: National Institute of Information and Communications Technology

Lead Scientist: A. Benz and C. Monstein
Instrument: CALLISTO
Organization: Institute of Astronomy, ETH-Zentrum in Zurich

Lead Scientist: M. Moldwin and E. Yizengaw
Instrument: AGREES & AMBER
Organization: University of California – Los Angeles
Lead Scientist: U. Inan, M. Cohen and D.Scherrer
Instrument: AWESOME & SID
Organization: Stanford University
Lead Scientist: T. Garner
Instrument: CIDR
Organization: University of Texas at Austin, USA
Lead Scientist: J. Makela
Instrument: RENOIR
Organization: University of Illinois
Lead Scientist: K. Groves
Instrument: SCINDA
Organization: Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)